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  • tendencias

    4 Predictionsfor 2017 Digital Marketing Trends

    Now that we have been through 2016, it’s tіmе to consider the big mаrkеtіngdеvеlорmеntѕthаtwе’ll see іn 2017. From L’Agora we predict that the digital marketing industry will grow and mature in 2017 with more programmatic, data and native advertising....

  • talent

    Merry Christmas! Uploading 2017…

    2016 has been one of the most important years of our history. We have merged into one brand and opened new offices in Norway and Bogotá. We want to thank you for accompanying us along this journey. Wishing you a very merry Christmas and all......

  • ipad-recs-copia-2

    Benefits and Meaning of Native Advertising

    Not intrusive, improves user experience … what advantages does Native Advertising offer? Native advertising is quickly gaining popularity because of its benefits, both for the advertisers and for the publishers....

  • twitter_portada_eng_small


    PAN and L’Agora are merged to offer a more complete and integrated service. This is a huge  step in the history of the company....